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    Brief Introduction to the Manufacturer
        ZHEJIANG FZY MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is one of professional ultrasonic rhinestone hotfix machine manufacturer. Multiterm have been imitate, but never been surpassed. With the most varieties specifications, energy saving stable performance, and many other advantages, to provide customer with the most perfect rhinestone hotfix solution and related process. 
        Established in 2007 and located at Jingyi village, Guali Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province , China, near to Hangzhou airport ,15 mins by car.  We focuses on rhinestone hot-fix research and development, manufacturing and sales.
        Rhinestone hot fix machine suitable for various fabric such as Velvet fabric, polyester, silk, lace, jean , leather, ETC. Machine can running 6#-30# rhinestone, aluminum stone, resin stone, round stone, half ball, and plastic sheet which with glue. Now we have follow series machine: Computerized pure rhinestone machine, Mixed embroidery rhinestone machine, single head  LCD  rhinestone machine, single head LED rhinestone machine, rhinestone device(which add for embroidery machine),hot fix sequins machine, semi-auto rhinestone transfer paper machine ,shape stone modify machine, nail stone modify machine. 
        Highly appraised by our customers for its low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation, high stability and high performance-price ratio.Various technical indexes take a lead of position compared with same industrial of products. Our products are being sold all over the domestic market, as well as foreign countries such as Russia, India, Morocco, Bangladesh, Egypt, Brazil, Dubai, etc.  
        With business conceptions of "Quality, Technology, Service, We are doing better", FZY insists on Excellent Quality, First-rate Technology, Perfect Service and makes every effort for your further developments.  

    Company culture

    Development history of fuchiyuan enterprise

    Hangzhou fuchiyuan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Xiaoshan fuchiyuan Electrical Appliance Factory, was established in June 2007. The company is located in Guali Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, only 15 minutes' drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The company is committed to the R & D, production and sales of a series of hot drilling machines. The brand "fzy" is well-known in the industry and occupies more than 80% of the market in Zhejiang Province. And the company's products have the following advantages: the most types of products, the most complete specifications, the most stable performance, and to provide customers with perfect hot drilling program and advanced technology.

    The main products are: fzy-s1, S2 digital ironing rig; fzy-y1, Y2 liquid crystal ironing rig; fzy-sc hand-held ironing rig; fzy-zd automatic ribbon ironing rig; fzy-dn automatic computer ironing rig; fzy-hf automatic quilting and ironing machine; fzy-sc hand-held ironing machine- Z1, Z2, Z3 embroidery machine hot drilling device; fzy-tp automatic hot film machine; fzy-sz1 semi-automatic brush drilling machine (single layer); fzy-sz2 semi-automatic brush drilling machine (double layer); fzy-yx special-shaped drilling and layout machine; fzy-jd sharp bottom drilling layout machine; fzy-qsz full-automatic brush drilling machine; fzy-st automatic brushing and ironing machine. According to the needs of customers, enterprises can develop relevant special equipment.

    Growth process:

    2007-09: fzy-s1 and S2 digital ironing rigs were put into production. The speed of the products was 20% faster than that of similar products, the energy consumption was 50% lower, the performance was stable and quickly recognized by customers. The speed has gradually increased from 120 to 350 per minute, and the fastest is more than 400. Patent structure of suction nozzle has been applied.

    10 years: in order to meet the needs of foreign customers, fzy-y1 and Y2 liquid crystal ironing rigs have been developed on the basis of the original digital ironing rigs, which have the advantages of multiple languages and automatic detection of sensors.

    11 years: developed fzy-dn full-automatic computer ironing drill, the product has a large number of head (according to customer demand selection), pattern computer programming equipment automatically complete processing and so on.

    12 years: developed fzy-z1 embroidery machine hot drilling device, perfect combination with embroidery machine.

    13 years: developed fzy-sz1 semi-automatic brush drilling rig (single layer), solved the problem of low efficiency of manual drawing;

    Fzy-hf automatic quilting and ironing machine has solved the problem of hot drilling on wide fabrics such as cloth and curtain.

    Year 14: fzy-zd fully automatic ribbon ironing drill, which can iron various patterns on 5-80mm ribbon;

    Fzy-z2 embroidery machine hot drilling device, volume is one third smaller than Z2.

    15 years: it has been a fruitful year for the enterprise. With the development and growth of the enterprise, the technical force has also been strengthened, and many hot drilling equipment have been developed.

    Fzy-z3 embroidery machine hot drilling device, with 6 colors, automatic, accurate positioning, can process various crafts.

    Fzy-sz2 semi-automatic brush drilling machine (double-layer) improves the efficiency of drilling brush and reduces the chromatic link.

    Fzy-yx special-shaped drill layout machine is used for all kinds of special-shaped accessories, such as square drill, water drop drill, aluminum sheet, etc.

    Fzy-jd sharp bottom drilling and layout machine is used for water drill layout.

    Fzy-qsz fully automatic brush drilling rig is suitable for large-scale drilling brush, with the advantages of high efficiency and accurate color matching.

    Fzy-st automatic brushing and ironing machine has the functions of automatic drilling and coloring, automatic pressing and paper receiving, with the advantages of high efficiency, accurate color matching and material saving. Ideal equipment for clothing, shoes, hats and bags. Patent has been applied.

    Fzy-sc hand-held ironing drill is one-third smaller than similar products. It can be used for mending drilling on garment fabrics by intelligently controlling the closing and digitization of air pump.

    Enterprises adhering to the "quality, technology, service, we will do better!" Under the background of market globalization and intelligent production, the enterprise will continue to develop new products and new processes with advanced technology, which will make your development even better!