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    In order to meet the company's strong development momentum and ensure the company's leading position in the industry, our company has been practicing the talent strategy of discovering, cultivating and retaining talents since its establishment.

    Our company long-term recruitment of technical personnel and sales management personnel. We pay attention to the recruitment of talents, but we pay more attention to the cultivation of talents. We look forward to your participation.

    Technical personnel:

    Undertake the development tasks and tests of new equipment and new technology,

    Complete all kinds of technical drawings and related process documents and supervise the implementation


    Male, mechanical, electrical related professional college degree or above;

    Can skillfully use CAD, UG and other drawing software, work seriously, have strong learning and communication ability;

    Sales management personnel:

    Responsible for the daily sales and business development of domestic and foreign products,

    Company's new product promotion and sales, customer reception and after-sales feedback


    College degree or above in trade or related major,

    More than 2-3 years working experience, able to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm,

    Good team work spirit,

    Proactive work, cheerful personality, strong adaptability.

    Preferential treatment, salary negotiable